Creative Idea Gallery
On this page are new fabrics that can be developed into very special Judaic items for those you love. To discuss your ideas, please contact Marilyn How does Marilyn find the wonderful ideas for her inspiring and imaginative Judaica?  She shops fabric sources and finds textiles to inspire.  On this page are some new fabrics that will be developed into very special Judaic items for those you love.  
To discuss combining your ideas with hers resulting in a very special Judaic item for someone you love, contact Marilyn.
RIGHT:  Marilyn pictures a rectangular tallit with black body.  The atarah and corners might be the bright batik she loves for the band.  Or.. atarah could be on black but embroidered in colours of the imported batik.  What is your idea?  Tell us.
RIGHT:  Dainty lavender growing wildly for the band at the bottom of the Tallit.  Solid black tallit bodywith lavender collar/atarah.  Doesn't this appeal to you?  Tallit bag, challah cover and kippah to match.  Let us know and we'll create it for you.
LEFT:  Tallit bag and kippah designed by a Bat Mitzvah girl in a western Boston suburb, and executed by Marilyn in the wearer's favourite colours?  Is there something you'd like in your favourite colours and you thought you could not locate it?  Contact TALLITmaaven today to develop your dream Judaica into reality. 
"When it's Handmade, it comes from the Heart"
This page was last updated: October 27, 2015
RIGHT:  Siddur Cover created for Simcha in NYC area.  He wanted a tree of life, and a Jerusalem design.  Both were incorporated into this siddur cover that was created especially for him.  Remember to give us much time to create siddur covers as they are often presented in the spring and it may not be feasible to create yours if we don't have enough time.  All of our work is custom designed, hand crafted,  Gestation and evolution takes a period of time.  Contact the TALLITmaaven.
All items shown are the result of the creative ideas of the artist and may NOT be copied or reproduced without her express permission.
ABOVE:  the TALLITmaaven created these two 4 Seasons TREE of LIFE kippot.  Wouldn't you love to give a matching Tallit, Tefillin and Kippah set to a special person?  Contact the TALLITmaaven now.
RIGHT;  To coordinate with a tallit with the colours to the right, the TALLITmaaven created the tallit bag and kippah with dots of the colours in the tallit.  The Bat Mitzvah girl was delighted.  So funky and so much fun!
Do you want to have something that really expresses YOUR real personality?  Contact TALLITmaaven.