TALLITmaaven creates
WIMPEL;  The artist takes the flannelette, cotton or silk blanket which swaddled the baby while being delivered to the mohel.  The blanket is cut into strips upon which are embroidered the important people around this precious child.  Later, his usherim, sefer ceremony, Bar Mitzvah can be added.  The wimpel will be used to wrap the Torah he uses for his Bar Mitzvah.  Until then, it may decorate his bedroom, or be displayed with family treasures.   In some traditions, the wimpel is wrapped around one of the poles of his chuppah.  What a meaningful gift for a newborn baby..  Contact Marilyn to discuss the creation of a wimpel for a very special child.
LEFT:  TALLIT SET:  In some traditions, the baby wears a tallit for his Brit Milah.  Here is a baby-sized tallit that will fit him until he is about 5 years old.  It is cotton and has metallic ribbon stripes.  Often we have baby tallitot in stock to be able to be shipped in time for the Brit Milah..  SOMETIMES, people order "in case there ever is a baby boy in the family".
BABY SLEEPER, ONESIE or TEE SHIRT:  to wear for his/her first PASSOVER .  Also available for his/her first CHANUKKAH.  Contact Marilyn to arrange for this special gift.
BRIT MILAH PILLOW:  Rent this beautifully decorated pillow for your special baby's Brit Milah.   Proceeds to Pomegranate Guild of Judaic Textiles of Toronto.  Or we will create a pillow COVER that will become a family heirloom to keep forever. contact
He'll be the envy of his pals at nursery or primary school in this Happy Face kippah.  Created from 100% cotton and made to last when worn by an active young man. .  Many different designs and themes available.  Contact Marilyn 
LION KING KIPPOT;  featuring his friends from everyone's favourite musical.   Several chrming jungle prints available.  Contact the TALLITmaaven to see the vast choices of fabrics available.
LION  KIPPAH for Ariyeh, or any other young man who loves lions.  HIS Hebrew name will be embroidered at your request.  The lion is embroidered on hand-dyed cotton and is lined.
ABOVE LEFT:  Pink, blue, yellow hand dye batik siddur cover featuring Shoshana's name, three Magen Davids and a collection of shins... her favourite Hebrew letter.  Her name is embroidered onto the cover, and on the matching bookmark.  It was a hit at her SIDDUR CEREMONY at a Toronto Day school.  
ABOVE:  Siddur for a young lady's SIDDUR CEREMONY near Tampa Florida.  Rachel loved the Siddur cover on the upper left, and chose the pink white hand dye fabric.  Seven mini Magen Davids were added to represent the seven days of the week.  The bookmark is embroidered with the same design as the siddur cover.  
Your child/grandchild will be presented with his/her own siddur at his/her siddur ceremony with the Hebrew School Class.  The special bookcover for his/her siddur will be used for a long time.  Protect it and make special memories with a hand made siddur cover.  Contact Marilyn for information.  Please leave enough time for us to create something special.  Some new designs are on the bottom side of this page.
TZEDAKAH BOX embroidered with pomegranates to remind the owner of the 613 commandments.  Embroidered in rayon on dupioni silk.  
IMPORTANT NOTICE:  It takes about six weeks to design and create chumash/siddur covers.  Most siddur ceremonies occur from Pesach to Shavuot.  If your child/grandchild expects a Prayer Book Ceremony, it would be appreciated if you would contact us in November-February so that we can create a very special siddur cover for your special student. 
Please contact us at least 3 months prior to your Chumash ceremony as well.  We are ready and willing to create any design that your child requests, but we need gestation and construction time to create special bookcovers.
Contact us and we will design and create a siddur cover that your favourite Hebrew School Student will love and treasure for a long time to come.  Your choice of colour, style, designs and Hebrew wording, bookmark.  Remember that creativity takes a bit more gestation time so please do allow enough time for us to create something really special.  Contact the TALLITmaaven by clicking HERE.
RIGHT:  Thirteen years ago, Bubbie crocheted this tiny kippah for Baby Shane's Brit Milah.
LEFT:  Thirteen years later, Bubby asked Marilyn, the TALLITmaaven, to create a kippah to coordinate with Shane's new Jerusalem Tallit, and to include the original baby kippah.  Here it is..  
5773- Noa's siddur cover has pastel hand-dyed fabric accents on powder blue cotton.  The bookmark is created from the same hand-dyed fabric. Noa is a Califonia resident.
5773-Talia's navy blue cotton twill siddur cover front features her name in fuscia in a blue heart applique accented by the same pomegranate as decorates her bookmark and pomegranate hamsa embroidered on the rear of her siddur cover.  Talia lives in Washington State.
ABOVE:  Mikaela of California requested blue velvet with ombered batik-like accents on her siddur cover.  The magen Davids compliment the design.  The oval bookmark is handy for finding her place.
ABOVE:  Baby Tallit with a pair of Lions of Judah embellishing it.
Lions are embroidered on a Jerusalem landscape scene printed fabric.  Tzadek is embroidered on mini atarah with parents' choice of English transliteration.  
ABOVE;  Lions of Judah are embroidered on the front cover of this siddur cover and a Pomegranate Hamsa on the rear cover.  The bookmark has Shiloh's name embroidered and is attached to the binding.
What a lovely memory of a wonderful Siddur or Chumash ceremony at an Encino, California Day School.
" When it's HANDMADE, it comes from the HEART "
HOWLING WOLF under a full moon on a faux suede kippah for a young man in a Plains State.
RIGHT;  Simcha, of the metropolitan New York area,  wanted a very dressy siddur cover with a Jerusalem theme on the front, his name in handwriting font on the spine and a fabulous Tree of Life for the back.  This siddur cover was embroidered on dark navy velvet.  The tree of life represents the four seasons.  His siddur cover was the hit of the siddur ceremony in Rye NY.   He treasures it every day while using it.   
LEFT:  Aviv wanted a kippah with a cow and a lamb.  We created it with his name, a Magen David and a coordinating button, in addition to his cow and lamb.  To request a kippah to suit your favourite child, contact the TALLITmaaven.