Round /Flat Robin
A round robin is set up so that approximately 5 people each design a centre square.  Then Person #1 sends to person #2.  Person #2 sends her square to person #3.  Person #3 sends hers to person #4 who sends hers to person #5 who sends hers to Person #1.
After an agreed-upon time, the sending repeats itself until each person receives her original square back, enlarged and embellished beyond recognition.  

To our best knowledge, the term, FLAT ROBIN was created by Rayna Gillman of New Jersey.
FLAT ROBIN follows the same guidelines as a ROUND ROBIN, except the same person works on it without sending it on to others.  When one is working a FLAT ROBIN, it is a good guideline to leave the work on your design wall for a minimum of two weeks before working on the next stage.  To see more Round and Flat robins, or to contact RAYNA GILLMAN, please click onto Rayna's name.
ABOVE:  Round Robin from the watercolour quilting list, started by Vicky Wells, and as it progressed as worked on by Clara Baskin.
Above, approximately 1996, A watercolour Round Robin piece started by Arlene Franks and worked on by Marilyn Levy
Above, A watercolour quilt round robin, started by MARILYN LEVY, worked on by CLARA BASKIN, VICKY WELLS, PATTY KATZ, ARLENE FRANKS and returned to MARILYN LEVY.  This was the first round robin held by the WATERCOLOUR QUILTING LIST at QUILTROPOLIS IN APPROX 1996
All designs shown are the property of the artist and may NOT be reproduced without permission
Above, the first completed round robin from the 2001-2002 IJQ Round Robin started by Susan Kohnstam of Florida, Judy Fuchs of Israel, Corky Arkovich of Florida, and Carolee Smith of Syracuse NY.  The first square was started by Susan and each border was added by a different person.
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LEFT:  A round robin, completed Winter, 2003.  The centre square was started by Paula Rabkin, worked on by Rivi Shulman, Annabell Samuell, Marilyn Levy.  Paula is very fond of cats.  The participants kept the theme for colour.  The I SPY star border has different cat fabrics at the centres of all of the stars.  Note the kitty ears prepared as "prairie points" at the top of the centre square and first border.  
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