LEFT:  Rayon Rainbow Tallit featuring white cotton (pinot) corners and atarah (collar) embroidered with Magen Davids in the rainbow colours of this interesting batik tallit.  Only ONE was available in this fabric.  This was purchased by an Ontario father.  
RIGHT;  Lightweight plaid voile Tallit with white cotton Atarah/collar and Pinot/corners. Colours in plaid woven into the delicate fabric include bright pink, pale pink, gold, blue, green and metallic gold.  The same colours are used to create an interesting Magen David design on the atarah,/collar.   Funky and Fun is the operative word.  This tallit was chosen by a Bat Mitzvah girl in the greater Boston area.  Only one was created due to the difficulty in obtaining the fabric.
BELOW;  The funky and fun kippah and tallit bag created to coordinate with the tallit.
Funky & Fun Talesim/Tallitot 
by the TALLITmaaven

"When it's HANDMADE it comes from the HEART"
Why wrap yourself in a Tallit that looks like everyone else's when you can have your own that is "one-of-a-kind " expressing your unique personality?  CONTACT the TALLITmaaven for information about these tallitot and others that express YOU.
All designs shown are the property of the artist and may not be reproduced without permission, in writing.
Bubby and Zaidy commissioned a rooster kippah for their 4-H Club grandson who loves chickens.  The card accompanied the kippah.  What a lovely presentation!  Their grandson was absolutely delighted.