TALLITmaaven Presents
the TREE OF LIFE/Eitz Chaim Series
We have many styles of TREES OF LIFE/EITZ CHAIM to enhance beautiful challah covers, chuppot, kippot, siddur/chumash covers, aprons and  other gift items to enhance the celebration of your SIMCHA.
Choose your BACKGROUND COLOUR, Choose your DESIGN, choose your wording, and DEDICATION.  We will create the perfect SIMCHA anniversary gift, HOUSEWARMING GIFT, Tallitot, kippot,  Approx 2-12 months for custom orders.
"When it's handmade, it comes from the Heart"
LEFT: Tree of Life/Eitz Chaim one piece lined kippah.  Many possibilities with this design.  Coordinating Shabbes headcovering and challah cover available upon request.  Available on silk, cotton or rayon brocade in your choice of colour.  Perfect for officients, guests, bridal party, grandparents of B'nai Mitzvot, grooms and special guests.  
The perfect kippah for Rosh Hashonah and Yom kippur done with white/ecru embroidery on white silk (noile/dupioni) or cotton.    Contact us

Several different styles of Eitz Chaim/Trees are available.
They can be embroidered in silver, gold or your choice of colour
on silver, gold, bronze or your choice of silk, cotton, linen or wool.
A dedication will be embroidered on the underside including
Name(s) of recipient
Occasion for presentation
"with love" (or your choice)
English and/or Hebrew Dates
Names of Donors
To fit "4x6" on underside.

OPTION #1:  CHALLAH COVER, with matching KIPPAH for him (& her) or headcovering for her... all coordinating.
OPTION #2;  CHALLAH COVER embroidered in gold (or silver) metallic thread on white (or other colour available). 
OPTION #3:  CHUPPAH with TREE OF LIFE and matching KIPPOT for groom, groomsmen, fathers of bride and groom.  Unembroidered matching kippot for guests.
OPTION #4:   CHALLAH COVER to match chuppah for moitze and seven blessings at wedding meal.

BELOW:  Contemporary Tree of Life/Eitz Chaim one piece lined kippah with a contemporary "tree".  Starbursts illuminate the heavens above.  Available in silk or cotton in your choice of colours, fabric and texture.
Coordinating Challah Cover and Sabbath Headcovering available.  Choose your fabric, and embroidery colours.  Or would you prefer a tallit set with this contemporary tree?
All designs shown are the property of the artist and may not be reproduced without permission, in writing.
BELOW:  Tree of Life Challah Cover created for a bride and groom whose home is totally beige and taupe.  The couple chose the Hebrew Handwriting font, and this tree from a selection offered.  The border material coordinates with the "eitz chayim".  Contact the TALLITmaaven to build your own challah cover for yourself or for a meaningful gift for a special family.
"She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her,
And happy is everyone that holdeth her fast. "  Proverbs 3: 18
LEFT:  Ark Curtain/Parochet for synagogue in Southern Ontario.  Tree of life appliqueed from Dupioni silk.
BELOW RIGHT;  Three Stunning Torah Mantles with Northeastern Tree of Life theme;  birch, oak and maple.  Sumach, persimmon and alder leaves are also available in this series.  
BELOW;  Torah cover to cover the Torah when it is undressed and not being read.  Coordinates with Parochet above.
ABOVE:  Mini-Tallit for use of females who accept aliyot and do not wear their own tallitot.  The "tree of Life theme in the same colour family follows through on all accessories for the sanctuary.
SILVER trunk w/ green leaves on grey texture.
SILVER trunk and irridescent leaves on brocade for bridal party
TAUPE trunk with leaves in various shades of green on ecru linen
ABOVE:  We embroidered TREE of LIFE kippah on Royal Blue silk to coordinate with tallit and tallit bag for a North Carolina Bar Mitzvah.  Seven Magen Davids represent the seven days of the week.  Interested?  Contact the TALLITmaaven.
BELOW:  rear of Contemporary tree Tallit with TREE OF LIFE embroidered under rear of atarah.  Seven floating Magen Davids represent the DAYS OF THE WEEK.  This tree was copied from the TREE OF LIFE the Bar Mitzvah Boy's mother had embroidered onto his siddur cover from his siddur ceremony in primary school.  This tree of life is also embroidered on the atarah.
ABOVE; Bnei GavneiTorah Cover to dress the Torah when the "other torah" is being read.  Coordinates with above Parochet and Mini-Tallit on left.
ABOVE;  grey trunk with leaves in shades of teal, apricot, purple and green on white silk noile... just in time for Yom Tov for a NEW YORK area rabbi.  Shana Tova.
LEFT:  Exquisite kippah created to coordinate with an exceptionally special tallit which was handwoven on a loom.  Four fabulous fabrics were used to develop this kippah, purple silk velvet, natural tones in a dupioni silk, blue dupioni silk, and a different, ecru silk featuring lighter colour values.  The TREE OF LIFE was embroidered in charcoal grey and the leaves on the tree of life are embroidered in various shades and colour values of yellow greens.  Completed August 15, 2012 for a special person in the D.C. area.  Would you like an awesome custom kippah to coordinate with something special?  Contact Marilyn
ABOVE:  Red tree of life Tallit Bag coordinates with a Tallit and kippah. All in red silk dupioni with metallic gold embroidery personalization... 18 Magen Davids represent leaves on the tree.  Created for a Bar Mitzvah in Oakville, Ontario Canada.
ABOVE:  TALLIT set including kippah..  PASTEL/JEWEL TONED TALLIT with large TREE of LIFE centre rear embroidered to express the continuity of our tradition.  A peace dove hovers overhead bringing SHALOM to the wearer.  Hand-dyed pale blue batik fabric used.  Your choice of fabric and colours may be used for your custom tallit.  The Bat Mitzvah painted her atarah (Eytz Chayim) under the TALLITmaaven's supervision.
ABOVE:  Variations on our FOUR SEASONS Tree of Life Kippah.
Above colours or your choice available for that special Kippah that will be APPRECIATED by all.
ABOVE: The TREE OF LIFE challah cover was designed from a beautiful Bat Mitzvah invitation featuring this EITZ CHAYIM. The amazing TALLITmaaven digitized the tree as it appeared on the invitation (including the red gemstone). The "theme" of the Bat Mitzvah was "Tree of Life". The decor and speeches all centred on this theme. Just think how menaingful a Bar/Bat Mitzvah could be with everything from the invitations, to the centrepieces (earth/ecology ) to the kippot and the challah cover coordinating and reinforcing EITZ CHAYIM or other meaningful theme. Contact us.
The tree of life above, was created by the TALLITmaaven, for a family reunion.  The purchaser used fabric pens to write the names of the family, each in its own space.  The finished produce has a tunnel for a rod, and is being presented to the eldest living member of the family as a challah cover.
Family tree wall hanging/challah cover embroidered on decorator silk .  The family commissioned this family tree wall hanging (to be used as a wall hanging when not at the table).  The Hebrew names of ancestors  back generations head by two generations are embroidered onto the leaves and trunk of the tree.  
A wonderful wedding, anniversary, birthday, housewarming, or I LOVE YOU gift.
For information about having an embroidered family tree created, contact TALLITmaaven.
ABOVE:  Challah cover created as a Bat Mitzvah gift using the Eitz Chayim design from the invitation as inspiration for the theme.  
Four Seasons TREE of LIFE wheel KIPPOT
On navy blue cotton
On ivory cotton
On hand-dyed cotton.
Pastels on silk for High Holydays
Bright colours on royal blue silk
ABOVE:  Shawl-shaped tallit designed as the artist conceptualizes a Tree of Life that the late FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT might have designed for a gentleman in northern New Jersey.  This style is recommended for those who do not want their tallit falling off of their shoulders.  
Royal purple trunk with violet, green and green leaves on white bengalene fabric
Taupe trunk with turquoise, violet and gold leaves on blue/white batik fabric
brown trunk with variegated green leaves on textured brown/beige fabric

above left:  steel grey tree with bright green leaves on hand-dyed batik fabric.
above right:  medium taupe trunk with blue/green metallic leaves on a different piece of the same batik fabric above left.