Tallit Bags
TALLIT BAGS are a wonderful gift.  They can replace an existing bag which has been "used up".  How exciting to have a new one to coordinate with a new tallit.  Or a new Tallit/T'fillin bag set for a Bnai Mitzvah.  Email to discuss your ideas.
The request was for a crazyquilted tallit bag...very colourful....
The bag started with a piece of leather in the centre, and worked out adding other primary plaids and checks, some Judaica fabric and piping.  Magen Davids were embroidered and silver was piped and machine embroidered. 
This pink silk tallit bag was created to coordinate with a custom designed tallit.  The fabrics in the "crazyquilt design are from the tallit plus a few the artist chose to compliment and accent those colours.  The name of the recipient, TOVA, is machine appliqueed.  There are 18 seed pearls sewn to represent "pearls of wisdom".  (Tova is a Teacher.)
All designs shown are the property of the artist and may NOT be reproduced without permission
"HANDMADE means it comes from the HEART"
Wow!  Amazing Crazyquilt tallit bag using great contrasts of Royal Purple and shades of yellow, accented by teal greens.  This stunning bag features a silky lining and zipper with Marilyn's exclusive zipper pull to ease quick storage of your precious tallit.  A precious tallit deserves a precious tallit bag..
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LEFT:  Tallit bag to match a silk tallit.  Machine applique waves from silk jacguard.  The main fabric was cut from silk clothing purchased for the wearer by her husband.  The wearer was a waterfront director at summer camps in Muskoka, Ontario and the Poconos, Pennsylvania.  She has lived near Lake Ontario and in New England near the Atlantic Ocean.  A water theme was requested.  The "sky" on the tallit bag is silk organza over silk taffeta and gives a shimmering effect that does not show in this picture.
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TOP LEFT;  The Tallit Bag (has matching Tefillin Bag- NOT PHOTOGRAPHED) That David's father used, from his 1939 Bar Mitavah, until his passing..  David has been using the Tallit Bag ever since.  David told his wife that he only wanted new ones if they were exactly the same as his father's.  She set out on a mission to locate one... not an easy task, since Tallit and Tefillin Bags, today, have zippers, front flaps, little fringe.  She asked the TALLITmaaven to undertake the assignment.. and above right is the result.  There are even 1930's buttons on the rear as there were when the bags were new.  Hopefully, David will enjoy the duplicated bags for many years to come.  Do you have an interesting textile challenge for the TALLITmaaven?  Contact Marilyn to discuss.