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ABOVE:  These two challah covers were made as gifts for two people in Toronto.  Each was asked for their favourite colours.  The recipent on the left chose blue.  The recipient on the right chose black and red.  The Hebrew says "Shabbat v'Yom tov.  They are each about 18 inches square.  The white centres are embroidered with cotton on bengalene.  The recipients' names are embroidered on the back with dates and "presented by ..... in honour of......"

Challah covers (or matzah covers..or pillows) can be created to your specifications 
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"HANDMADE means it comes from the HEART"
    A challah cover is a very special, very personal gift for engagement, wedding shower/tea/luncheon/oeufroef, or other entertainment,  new home, anniversary, or graduation.  The fabrics used follow the rules of shaatness, no mixing of wool and linen.  Ours are cotton, silk, or combination fabrics.   Tapestries have been effectively used.  
    We have taken the fabric from the decor of the home, embellished it, added the appropriate Hebrew and made very personal challah and matzah covers.
We have taken the borders from the china used in the home, or chosen in the wedding registry, and  designed a challah cover using these designs.
The wedding or Bar Mitzvah invitation design has been used as a base design for challah covers.

LEFT:  Plate chosen by the bride for her registry.
A casual pattern from Villeroy & Boch.
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LEFT:  We were requested to create kippot for the guests of a  Bat Mitzvah in Boca Raton, Florida.  The Bat Mitzvah Girl made her own tallit and kippah.  Her Hebrew name is Shoshana Golda (gold rose). Her challah cover, for the luncheon, and for her use in the future as an adult, was created out of the same KEY WEST hand-dyed batik fabric as the kippot.  Her name, in Hebrew, was embroidered in gold embroidery thread as well as one long-stem rose.   The challah cover is piped with coordinating gold piping.  Such a lovely and meaningful personal touch!  Winter, 2003
LEFT:  A phenomenal pillow created to honour a fifth wedding anniversary.  The pillow is dupioni silk, embroidered with cotton embroidery thread and baby pearls.  The lace is attached by hand.  This technique would make a beautiful challah cover, tallit bag or matzah cover.  CLICK HERE to contact us:  
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ABOVE:  Teale/turquoise silk challah cover, given as a wedding gift for a Vancouver couple who chose it, after being asked to look at the TALLITmaaven web site and tell their gift-giver their favourite challah covers.  This is the result.   Contact TALLITmaaven to arrange a special gift.