All designs shown are the property of the fibre artist and may not be used without her express permission
When it's made by hand, it was made with Love..
RIGHT:  Bar Mitzvah boy in the DC area loves the water and chose three horizontal blue stripes on his tallit plus a tree of life applique on the rear.  This beautiful tallit is made from doupioni silk and embroidered in silver toned metallic thread.  The tallit Bag and kippah are also embroidered with silver tree of life.  
BELOW:  Tallit set for a South Florida Bar Mitzvah celebration.  Noah wanted a bright orange tallit with stripes that looked like sand.  Marilyn located a hand-dyed cotton that resembles sand and embroidered sea shells in corners and on atarah/collar.  She also created kippot for father and grandfather with matching ties.  His mother requested a coordinating challah cover for the simchah and subsequent Shabbats.
LEFT:  a TALLIT set for a Toronto teen who loves to swim and participate in water sports.  This fabric has a beauty all its own.  Contact Marilyn for information.
ABOVE and LEFT:  A TALLIT SET for a young Utah man who loves watersports and sunshine.  
LEFT:  JONAH and the BIG FISH/WHALE faux mola style Tallit bag for JONAH in Southern Ontario.
ABOVE:  A feeling of the Caribbean sea in this turquoise blue-teale green tallit with very special embroidery throughout.
RIGHT;  Rainbow jaguard fabric on denim representing a rainbow.
LEFT:  a Bar Mitzvah, in Michigan, chose this plaid tallit with waves to demonstrate his love for watersports and the beach.  As a Kohen, the Kohen hands embellish the atarah.  The tallit bag and kippah complete the TALLIT SET.
ABOVE:  Burning bush kippah.  "and the bush was not consumed".
LEFT:  ATARAH/collar with embroidered burning bush replaced original atarah on classic traditional tallit belonging to a rabbi professor at JTS in NYC.  To have your tallit or the tallit of someone you love updated, contact the TALLITmaaven.