By the TALLITmaaven
All works shown here are the property of the artist and may NOT be reproduced without permission.
"When it's Handmade, it comes from the Heart"​
Bird on the wire tallit with kippah, and custom greeting card for the gifter to give when presenting the tallit set.  Gifting cards are available to coordinate with each tallit upon request.   The ordinary birds are sitting on the wires across the tallit and the dove flies overhead.  Have questions?  Click here.  
ABOVE:  : His and Her peacock tallit bags for an Alberta bridal couple who requested Judaica for wedding gifts.  The peacock card on the left was created for the gifter to present to the couple accompanying the tallit bags.  A gift to remember.  The couple will always remember and appreciate the "gifters".  
BELOW:  A tallit honouring the Bengal tiger, created for a UK rabbi who feels that we, as Jews, must work to lessen climate change and attempt to reverse it, and poaching as a cause for bringing precious animals to extinction.  This tallit is a visible statement of his beliefs.  Both a Bukharan and smaller kippah were created to coordinate with this amazing tallit set.  Do you want an amazing tallit set?  Click here.
BELOW:  A challah cover presented to a Bat Mitzvah, coordinating with the fuscia pink invitation with white butterflies.  Pavel Friedman's poem, I never saw another butterfly was embroidered on the underside in keeping with the Bat Mitzvah theme.  This very special challah cover is used alternate Shabbats in the teen's home, alternating with the parents' special challah cover.  
LEFT:  Bat Mitzvah gift challah cover with design similar to the Bat Mitzvah invitation.  The floral fabric is the same as the Bat Mitzvah's dress for the ceremony.  A peace dove  flies overhead protecting Jerusalem.  The Bat Mitzvah ceremony was held in Southern Ontario at Simchat Torah, and the Bat Mitzvah left for a month of camp in Jerusalem shortly thereafter.
The challah cover is meaningful to the young lady and was presented by her grandparents.
To have a thoughtful gift created for your favourite Bnai Mitzvot or wedding couple, please contact the TALLITmaaven.
LEFT:  Tallit bag with Jonah and the big whale embroidered for Moshe Yonah in a reverse mola design.  
RIGHT:  Lions of Judah on this siddur cover with a pomegranate hamsa on the rear cover.  His name is embroidered, in Hebrew, on the spine and on the front cover.... and the bookmark is one Lion of Judah.  What a lovely gift for his/her siddur/chumash ceremony.  Contact the TALLITmaaven.
LEFT:  Peace doves fly over us in simple challah cover designed by the TALLITmaaven.