By the TALLITmaaven
"When it's Handmade, it comes from the Heart"​
Pomegranates are an important part of Judaic and eastern traditions.  Jews believe that the pomegranate has 613 seeds, the same number as the number of commandments that an adult Jew observes daily.   The TALLITmaaven creates some designs with pomegranates in honour of these beliefs.
ABOVE:  Ark curtain with a tree of life and Pomegranate appliqueed in silk.
ABOVE:   Silk challah cover with pomegranate fruit and pomegranate flowers.  Hand beading embellishes the pomegranate.  Created for a bride who registered for royal blue china.
ABOVE: Velvet  Bukharan Kippah featuring embossed pomegranates embroidered with seed pearls representing Pomegranate seeds.  This kippah won an award at London's Or Shalom Jewish Home Competition.
ABOVE:  Grey and white silk challah cover for a bride with grey and white china in her bridal registry.  
TREE OF LIFE CHUPPAHnow used as a wall hanging in the couple's home, with a pomegranate decoration.
ABOVE:  Woman of Valour Tallit with the artist's interpretation of the last verse, blessing the fruit of her hands.  Many fruits are appliqueed on this Tallit including pomegranate.
Silk Quoran bag (front & rear views), embroidered with pomegranates and  pomegranate flowers for a Pakistani wedding.  Many custom designs available as we are only limited by our imaginations.
Very Unique Chuppah created on silk from Daddy's ties with pomegranates representing the bride and groom at the top.
and Seven Species