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RIGHT - JERUSALEM KIPPAH:  This kippah is embroidered with a Jerusalem theme.  It is totally embroidered (lace) in shapes of buildings in Jerusalem.  Contact us to commission your Jerusalem kippah in your choice of colours.
JERUSALEM TALLIT;  Silk dupioni with maroon body and bronze, ecru gold and maroon vertical stripes.  Atarah/collar embroidered with Jerusalem scene including the Montefiore Windmill.  On atarah is embroidered a phrase praising the glory of Jerusalem. Embroidered magen David pinot corners in matching colours.  Created for a Bar Mitzvah Boy near Toronto.  It's a wow.  Ask us to create a Jerusalem Tallit for your simcha.  2009
WASHABLE JERUSALEM TALLIT:  Simple washable tallit created for a young man to take to Camp Ramah, USY on Wheels, USY SUMMER programme in Israel, and to University to preserve his silk tallit.  A basic cotton tallit that will withstand a lot of use.
JERUSALEM TALLIT:  Two scenes embroidered on body of tallit.  Hebrew under scenes are Jerusalem exerpts from Psalms.  One side represents DAY  and the other side represents NIGHT in the Holy City.  The Atarah includes a Scene from Jerusalem and the owner's name in a tri-coloured Hebrew font.  The tallit bag coordinates with a contemporary Jerusalem scene.  This TALLIT set was custom-designed for a Bar Mitzvah in Salt Lake City, UT in 2011.
RIGHT:  Challah Cover with a Jerusalem theme.  This challah cover is cotton and washable.  Can be created in beautiful silk, cotton or rayon as you prefer.  Hebrew wordings can also be adapted to your preferences.  Ask.  
BELOW:  Wimpel;  created to celebrate the birth of a little boy in Southern Ontario Canada.  His name is embroidered, his siblings and parents and grandparents on the white cotton (could be silk or flannelette) of the cloth that held him when he was carried to the mohel for his Brit Milah.  This fabric is embroidered and made into a strip that will be hung in his bedroom and used to wrap the Torah for his Bar Mitzvah.  Often folks hang the wimpel in his bedroom while he grows up.  Spaces are left for important dates, his first day of school, first haircut, Bar Mitzvah, and blanks for achievements in his Jewish Life.  Send us the fabric and we will make it special with a Jerusalem theme (or other Judaica theme).  
LEFT:  Quilted challah cover created with a watercolour quilted centre and Jerusalem theme border all around.  Pomegranate with 613 approx seeds embroidered and beaded in the centre of the pomegranate.  
Design by Stephanie Schaeffer
All designs shown are the property of the artist and may not be reproduced without permission, in writing.
"HANDMADE means it came from the HEART""
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LEFT:  Jerusalem scene on a challah cover for a Bat Mitzvah.  The printed floral fabric was the fabric of the dress she wore for her Bat Mitzvah.  The bright pink fabric is the fabric of the Jacket she wore over her dress.  Her Bat Mitzvah was celebrated in Hamilton, Ontario.  Then, she travelled to Israel and spent the summer at a camp that travelled around Israel.  The Jerusalem scene was embroidered as is the peace dove that holds up the challah cover embroidery.   If you wish to give a meaningful Bnai Mitzvah gift, contact Marilyn
RIGHT: Shane's Bubby Lynne crocheted a 3" diameter kippah for his brit milah, 13 years earlier.  He adores his little kippah, which he has outgrown.  Marilyn created a Jerusalem kippah to coordinate with his Jerusalem tallit, that includes a spot for his original baby kippah.  
ABOVE:  Jerusalem kIppah designed for a Bar Mitzvah  to coordinate with his Jerusalem tallit, purchased by his grandparents in Israel.  Embroidery colours chosen to match colours of his Tallit.
​Design by Stephanie Schaeffer
ABOVE:  Lined Tallit bag created to coordinate with a Toronto Bar Mitzvah boy's silk tallit with appliqueed Jerusalem theme.  The owner's name is embroidered on front and inside is  a tzadekah pocket for daily minyamim tzadekah and a cell phone pocket (only to be used when cell phone is turned OFF. both pockets are labelled in Hebrew.   5778
JERUSALEM scene silk tallit;  Jerusalem scene appliqueed onto white silk tallit. Atarah is gold coloured and embroidered with wearer's Hebrew name in ornate antique-style font in metallic gold.  The names of the wearer''s known ancestors are embroidered onto the lining as shown RIGHT ABOVE.