100% Cotton Tallit, Tallit Bag and Kippah designed around a very pretty fabric with Pomegranates and Birds in a woodland setting.  Measuring Approximately 12" x 60", this Tallit was worn by a Bat Mitzvah in Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada.
An interesting Fabric is often a great place to start when planning an original piece of TEXTILE ART
RIGHT:  This shawl-shaped Tallit is 100% cotton.
The technique is called watercolour quilting.  There are over 1500 two inch squares of floral cottons arranged and sewn together according to colour values to make a design.  This tallit looks especially wonderful when the wearer is facing the Ark. There is a kippah and tallit bag, also pieced with the floral squares to give a French impressionist painted effect.  It has been said that the Watercolour quilting  technique is "painting with fabric" (no paints are used....it is the arranging and rearranging of the fabrics until the desired effect is obtained.  Rarely are there more than three to six of any of the same fabric in a project of this size)  This tallit is loved in Sioux Falls S. D.
the TALLITmaaven
introduces the TALLIT Collection
Four Tallitot created for four special people near Melbourne, Florida.  
BOB:  Bob is the father of the Bat Mitzvah, Margaret.  Bob wanted a tallit with one side matching Margaret's tallit, and the other side matching Joseph's for his Bar Mitzvah.  This was done and we are waiting for the picture.  The body of Bob's tallit is dupioni silk.  The waves on the right side of his tallit match the waves on Margaret's tallit.
MARGARET:  (1999) Margaret's Hebrew names mean Pearl and Star.  She lives near the water and the ocean is very important to her.  There is a dupioni silk pearl in the water and a yellow dupioni star.  The waves are silk taffeta, silk organza, and silk noile.  
JONATHAN:  (2000) Jonathan and his family saw Margaret's tallit and wanted a custom tallit for him.  Jonathan loves denim and this tallit is made of denim.  
MARVIN:  (1996) Marvin and his wife were presented with matching watercolour quilted tallitot with coordinating kippot for their 50th wedding anniversary.  The watercolour quilting is emphasized by gold lame which borders the tallit.  
All designs shown are the property of the artist and may NOT be reproduced without permission
" HANDMADE means that it comes from the HEART "
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tallit talis tallitot lisis kippah kepa kipah yarmulke techelet techellet Jewish Judaic Judaica lace tallit silk tallit 
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RIGHT:  Elegant dupioni silk tallit created for a Bar Mitzvah in Penn Valley, Pennsylvania in Spring, 5765 (2005).  The Bar Mitzvah boy requested bright colours and Marilyn's suggestion to build the red, yellow and Bbue vertical stripes onto a Black Body, appealed to Noah.  There is a tallit bag and kippah to coordinate and compliment this very special tallit.  The Bar MItzvah boy's name is embroidered in Hebrew on the atarah.   
Click here to have a custom tallit created in your choice of colours.
RIGHT:  Tallit with vertical stripes of green, blue and yellow.  The body of this tallit is black dupioni silk.  The atarah is bordered by miniature versions of the border stripes.  This tallit is 100% silk dupioni and has a gorgeous shimmer when the wearer moves.  This tallit was created for a Bar Mitzvah in Cleveland Ohio in Autumn 2005 (5766).  The tzitziyot have the blue tekhelet thread.
To arrange for a special TALLIT for your favourite person, click here.
LEFT:  Tallit created in 1993 as a chuppah/tallit.  The groom wore it for 13 years.  an unadorned atarah was at the neck. The bride arranged for the TALLITmaaven to create a matching atarah from dupioni silk and embroidered and embellished with the Hebrew phrase "ONEE LEDODEE, VEDODEE LEE" (I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine")  for the Bar Mitzvah anniversary of their wedding

ABOVE:  Watercolour quilted shawl-shaped tallit front - Summer, 2007/5767.  Created fpr a Bat Mitzvah girl in the San Francisco Bay area who loves the memories of her "Big Bubbies".  The top of the watercolour quilting  is from one of her Bubbie's cotton dresses as are several of the squares in the watercolour quilting.  The lace on the atarah is also from the dress that one of her Bubbies wore to her Mother's wedding.    The bias tape finishing around the edges of the tallit are bias cut cotton from various dresses belonging to one of the "Big Bubbies".  The tallit bag was created from the gown one Big Bubby wore to her Mother's Bat Mitzvah.  The fruit pinot (reinforcement corners) and the green grosgrain ribbon (the hanger at the back of the neck)  were cut from the dress her grandmother wore to her Mother's Bat Mitzvah ceremony.  The two kippot were created from the great grandmother's dresses, as well.
LEFT;  The rear of the above watercolour quilted tallit.  The Bat Mitzvah's fond memories of one of the Bubbies includes Shabbat candlelighting with five brass candlesticks,(three large and two small).  The artist's rendition of the candlesticks are shown on the lower part of the tallit back.  Bubbie loved flowers and flowers are etched upon her stone.  An interpretation of the flowers are appliqueed to the upper part of the rear shawl of the tallit for this very special young lady who wants to remember her Bubbie when wrapping herself in her TALLIT.
Click here to view the tallit bag and kippot/yarmulke to accompany the tallit to the right.
ABOVE:  A silk noile tallit trimmed with silk dupioni in graduated shades of teal/turquoise and embellished with lace and beading.
ABOVE:  embroidered Cala lily and Lily of the Valley representing the flowers both of her grandmothers carried at their weddings.  The Bat Mitzvah girl wanted to honour both of her grandmothers at her Bat Mitzvah, the important life cycle event.
BELOW:  detail of the atarah with hand embroidery and beading.  The wearer's name is embroidered in Hebrew within the design.
ABOVE:  Tallit Bag coordinating with the Tallis ON THE LEFT.
BELOW:  Beautifully custom crafted dupioni silk TALLIT with scattered assumetrical daisies embroidered.  Owner's name is embroidered in Hebrew handwriting font.  Note that the dupioni silk is a two colour weave with green threads and pink threads.  This tallit set was created for a Bat Mitzvah girl in Hamilton, Ontario Canada.  2008.  For your custom version of this beautiful tallit click here.
ABOVE:  Lace kippah with hand beading to coordinate with Tallit set above.  
LEFT:  Embroidered tallit set with assorted daisies on irridescent organza.  This set was purchased by a synagogue and given as the first prize in a writing competition on Issues for Jewish women.  A similar tallit can be commissioned for you with your choice of flower or Judaic design. tallit bag and kippah coordinate with tallit.  Contact Marilyn with your questions and to order.
LEFT:  Tallit created for a young man in Salt Lake City, Utah who loves water sports.  The tallit has three rows of waves in three different dupoini silks plus a bright sun.  Four pinot/ reinforcement corners are embroidered with a magen David in matching threads.  The atarah/collar is embroidered with his Hebrew name in metallic threads plus three magen Davids in different sizes.  
The reversible kippah has a matching magen David on one side with a swimmer embroidered on the reverse side. 
challah challa chala matzah matzoh matza matzo havdalah covers cover watercolor kippah kipa cipah cipa talis tallit tallis talit tallitot created hadnmade Marilyn Levy Hamilton Ontario is a phenomenal artist who believes in Hiddur mitzvah embellishing the mitzvah.  Hala hallah Menuchah Judaic CHALLAH COVER HALLAH CHALLA HALA Shabbos  Shabbas Sabbath Queen Shabbas matzah matza matzoh matzoh Pesach Pacques Passover kiddish cup wine Marilyn Levy Hamilton Ontario kepa challah hallah challa hala chala challa cover r Shabas Shabos Sabbath Shabbos Shabbas High Holyday Rosh Hashonah holiday Yom Kippur Sukkot Sukkoth Israel Kiddish cup wine Purim kipa kepa Kippah Yarmulke scull cap scullcap huppah chuppah hupa chupah talis tallis talit tallit Var Mitzvah Bat Mitzvah Mitzva B'nai Mitzvah Jewish Judaic Judaica Yiddishkheit hand made by hand created by hand CCamp Ramah Moshava Yung Judea Shalom Kadimah Chanukkah Chanukah Chanuka Hanukah Hanuka Hanuuka Hanukka Chanukka Chanukkah Sukkos Sukkot Succoth Simahat Torah Simchas Torah Ssimcha celebration
Marilyn Levy of Hamilton Ontario. judaic textile artist creates custom kippot, challah covers, tallitot. chuppot,  wimpels, and all other beautiful things to hiddur mitzvah, make the mitzvah more beautiful.  
LEFT & ABOVE;  Plaid taffeta TALLIT embroidered with the "SHEMA" on the atarah/collar in addition to gold MAGEN DAVIDS.  The PINOT CORNERS also have embroidered MAGEN DAVIDS.  Coordinating Tallit Bag and Kippah included. Wouldn't you love to wear a TALLIT SET similar to this one? A gentleman in Hamilton, Ontario Canada purchased this tallit for his wife.  Your name could be embroidered on your tallit bag or atarah to personalize this or any Tallit or Tallit Bag.  Contact Marilyn.
LEFT & ABOVE:  Silk tallit celebrating Jerusalem.  The Bar Mitzvah Boy's Hebrew name is embroidered in a tri-coloured font along with a Jerusalem border (even the windmill is embroidered here).  Each end of the Tallit has a different view of Jerusalem embroidered in a larger size.  The Kippah above, has the same Magen David design as two of the four pinot corners.  The Bar Mitzvah Boy's preferences and choices were respected and emphasized here.  This Tallit set was created for a Salt Lake City family.  This tallit is 82 inches long for a tall young man.
Contact TALLITmaaven to create a special Yerushalayim Tallit for a special person.
TIGER TALLIT for British Rabbi;  The rabbi believes in protecting nature around us, particularly the endangered tigers, and wants to remind those with whom he prays of the importance of this mitzvah.  The tiger face is embroidered at the rear of the Tallit watching the congregation as he leads the service.  The colours of the tallit are "tiger colours".  Kippot and Tallit Bag coordinate.
ABOVE:  Three kippot to compliment the Tallit set, one Bukharan style, two mini-kippot.
LEFT;  Closeup of embroidered tiger in rear of Tallit.
RIGHT:  Closeup of Tallit bag.  Embroidered on Tiger striped chenille. 
RIGHT:  Royal bluetallit (52" x 78") with silver, bronze and gold vertical stripes.  Tallit and tefillin bags coordinate with stripes and Tallit body.  This young man has a choice of two silk kippot designed to coordinate with the colourful magen David pinot corners on the tallit.  All created from dupioni silk for a Bar Mitzvah Boy on the Jersey shore.  Ask the Tallitmaaven to create your striped tallit from a stunning combination of YOUR favourite colours.  
Ben is an avid swimmer and wanted a Tallit to remind him of the water.. Thus the two layers of blue waves.  The design for the TREE of LIFE was taken from the TREE of LIFE that his mom embroidered onto his siddur cover.  The Tallit Bag and kippah coordinate.