1999/5759   LEFT
Margaret wanted a very special Tallit for her Bat Mitzvah in Melbourne,  Florida. Her Hebrew Names can be translated as "star" and "pearl".  Margaret adores the water.  In lieu of stripes it was decided to have machine appliqueed waves On one side of the rectangular (approximately 22" x 66") Tallit, is a white dupioni silk pearl.  The whole Tallit is Dupioni silk.  Above the water on the other side, is a Magen David.  The Atarah is non-conventional and wave-shaped). The Tallit Bag is fun and funky in a Crazy Quilt technique.  There is also a coordinating Kippah which is not shown here.
Photography by Robert Goldberg 
Erika wanted a shawl-shaped Tallit which gave us the flexibility to give her a more conventional front plus a rear which is meaningful to her personally..Erika chose "Eitz Chaim", the Tree of Life, for her "theme".  This Tallit is all silk The Gematryia for Erika's pasha is 640.  There are six branches on the tree, and 40 leaves.  The tree and branches and each leaf was individually machine appliqueed onto the silk background.  Erika was named after her Grandmother, whose name (Fayge) means "Bird".  The bird flying to the Tree is blue. The front of the Tallit has a pieced Magen David Border on each side.  The Atarah is hand embroidered onto a navy blue on navy blue jaguard silk  panel in Hebrew with Erika's Hebrew name, daughter of both of her parents' Hebrew names.

The Tallit bag,(approx 14" x14") is pieced with machine applique using the same fabrics and designs as the Tallit.  The kippah continues the theme of leaves and has some machine embroidery.

TALLIT Collection by
the TALLIT Maaven
All designs shown are the property of the artist and may NOT be reproduced without permission
"HANDMADE means it came from the HEART"
2001/5761 - BELOW:  Two views of rear of Dupioni Silk shawl-shaped tallit. This tallit was created by the artist for herself.  The Hebrew on the atarah is the Hebrew translation for the last two lines of WOMAN OF VALOUR "Blessed be the fruit of her hands".  Each fruit is hand appliqueed onto the black silk body of the tallit.  Included are grapes, nectarine, pineapple, apple, peach, pear, banana, pomegranate, etrog (& lulav), and orange.  The Hebrew names of her husband, children and grandchildren are appliqueed on the underside of the tallit.  All of the appliquees, as well as the body of the tallit are 100% silk Which verse of Ayshet Chayil would you like represented on your Tallit?  Contact Marilyn, the TALLITmaaven, to design your own Tallit.
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Marilyn Levy of Hamilton Ontario. judaic textile artist creates custom kippot, challah covers, tallitot. chuppot,  wimpels, and all other beautiful thMarilyn Levy, a custom textile artist from Hamilton, Ontario Canada, is known as the TALLITmaaven.  She creates hand made Tallitot/ Tallis/ Talis/ Talesim/ talis katan and talit gadol.  She creates coordinating Tallit bags, Tefillin bags, shofar bags and kippot/ kipas/ keepahs/ yarmulkes to complete the TALLIT/ talis set..  
The TALLITmaaven's challah covers are treasured by their recipients for their personalization (matching decor, fine china, user's personalities, matching theme for weddings or B'nai mitzvot.).  The TALLITmaaven prides herself in creating beautiful items that will be cherished for generations to come.ings to hiddur mitzvah, make the mitzvah more beautiful.  
LEFT:  Side view of Woman of Valour Tallit showing pomegranate applique.
ABOVE:  2009:  Psalm 119: 105  "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, And a light unto my path"  is the inspiration for this amazing silk Tallit for a Rabbi in Great Britain..  Several Magen Davids, a Menorah, a Torah, and a Shofar represent the wearer's chosen psalm.  The collar/atarah is beaded lace with the Hebrew lettering embroidered in metallic gold thread. 
Choose your favourite Torah or Haftorah portion, prayer, or saying, and let Marilyn the Tallitmaaven design a Tallit, Chuppah, Challah cover or Torah mantle expressing your feelings in Fabric.  Contact us today.
ABOVE:  TALLIT and TEFILLIN Bags to coordinate with the above Tallit in honour of Psalm 119, verse 105.  Matching lace and silk with the wearer's Hebrew name embroidered in metallic gold thread.  The bags were a "special" birthday gift. from another Rabbi and Rebbitzin.
KIPPAH to coordinate with Tallit Set shown above and to the left. Lace lined with same silk as Tallit and Bags.
LEFT & ABOVE:  (2010) A chocolate brown silk tussah tallit embroidered with contrasting colour values of blue tones embroidered in geometic squares  and rectangles.  The owner's Hebrew name is embroidered on the Tallit Bag and on the atarah/collar of the Tallit.  The owner requested simplicity and chose the geometric shapes, using her favourite colours.  
The coordinating kippah /yarmulke/skullcap (above) uses the geometric design as well.

CHALLAH COVER;  The challah cover to the left was created for the Bat Mitzvah above, to be presented by her grandparents as a permanent momento of this important Jewish life event.

ABOVE:  Challah Cover and Tallit bag for a Bat Mitzvah gal in Georgia who will only wear jeans and denim.  The Tallit, Tallit Bag,  and Challah Cover were created from denim, accented with beautiful pieced hand dyed batik fabrics.  
LEFT & BELOW:  Tallit, tallit bag and kippah created for the Or Shalom Jewish Ceremonial Art Show and purchased for a Bat Mitzvah Girl in Ontario.  Tallit is ombered poly-blend chiffon accented with dupioni silk.  
LEFT;  Ombered red to black cashmere and silk tallit with silk atarah and corners created for an octogenarian Bat Mitzvah in South Florida.  Silk kippah to coordinate with the Tallit.  Custom made for a special Bat Mitzvah .
ABOVE;  Tree of Life Tallit for a young man who loves the sea.  Benyamin chose three shades of blue for three strong stripes and a contemporary tree of life.  Available in other colours and other creative and meaninful trees of life.  Contact Marilyn to discuss your options in creating a meaningful tree of life tallit for yourself, or your loved one. 
RIGHT:  TALLIT with waves for a swimmer from Detroit, a Kohen, who loves blue seas.  The swirling Hebrew embroidered name represents his front crawl.  Inside his tallit bag is an embroidery of his three favourite strokes;  breast, front crawl and back crawl.  
Mother and daughter's TALLITOT in honour of daughter's Toronto BAT MITZVAH.  The daughter is a swimmer and chose fabric printed with water and waves, sky and clouds moving in the wind.  
Mother chose a lavender print on an ivory background.  The lavender print fabric is also available on a black background.  Both are simply elegant.  
ABOVE:  rear of TALLIT bag showing hidden mid-rear zipper.
ABOVE:  Front of Tallit Bag and Kippah.

ORANGE tallit for a Bar Mitzvah Boy in Boca Raton, FL.  Noach loves the sea, and sea shells and three embroidered sea shells adorn his atarah.  Three shells embellish the large challah cover that covered the challah during his Bar Mitzvah kiddish during the moitze, and one decorates the tallit bag that holds the tallit.  
Three orange kippot and long ties are created by the TALLITmaaven for the Bar Mitzvah boy, his father and grandfather.
This tallit set was made from bright orange cotton and trimmed with an unusual hand - dyed cotton batik that resembles sand.