Tallit and Tefillin Bags
by TALLITmaaven
The Tallit bag (above) was hand embroidered in cotton on silk noile for a groom in Toronto in 1997.   The Jerusalem scene was requested to coordinate with the ketubah (marriage contract) from his wedding ceremony.
Tallit bag (ABOVE) was hand-embroidered in cotton floss on black silk noile in 1997.   It was presented to the father of the groom who received the tallit bag on the left. Two lions face each other with Pomegranates at the tips of their tails .
LEFT, Tallit Bag and Tefillin bag designed and fashioned in 1999 for a Bar Mitzvah boy in Toronto named JOSEPH. His Torah portion was the story of Joseph and his brothers.
ABOVE:  1999- Tallit bag created for A Bat Mitzvah in Palm Bay, Florida.  Crazy Quilt technique was used. Made of dupioni silk and was created to coordinate with her tallit.
RIGHT;  A Tallit bag created in 1995 for a Bar Mitzvah boy presently living in  Arizona.  There is a pocket inside for his shofar.  The design is in the fabric chosen.
All designs shown are the property of the artist and may NOT be reproduced without permission
photography by ROBERT GOLDBERG
Tallit Bag (LEFT) created in 2002 (5762) for a Bar Mitzvah in Palm Bay Florida.  This bag coordinates with the black dupioni silk tallit with gold and silver dupioni silk stripes.  The zipper is in the rear of the tallit bag.
The cotton tallit bag (approximately 16" x 16") on the LEFT is created with great contrasts of purple and yellow accented by teal green/blue using a crazy-quilt technique.  The Zipper closing is in the back.  This unusual bag is 100% cotton. 
JOSEPH'S TECHNICOLOUR DREAMCOAT Tallit Bag (RIGHT) designed to coordinate with JOSEPH'S TECHNICOLOUR DREAMCOAT TALLIT.  This set was created with a denim body and cotton rainbow strips. This TALLIT is being worn by a teen in Hamilton, Ontario Canada.  This design or similar will be created to your specifications
ABOVE:  Wool plaid tallit bag to coordinate with stripes on white wool tallilt.  Tallit bag has a machine embroidered white MAGEN DAVID.  The edges are piped with the same white wool as the tallit.  The plaid has been used for the stripes and for the atarah of the fine wool tallit.  The 100% wool is unusually fine, blouse-weight wool..  What a striking, dignified look!  This tallit belongs to a mature gentleman in Canada.
All Custom TALLIT BAGS may be created with matching TEFILLIN and/or SHOFAR BAGS.  
Please ask the TALLITmaaven
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"HANDMADE" means it comes from the HEART
RIGHT: Joseph's technicolour square lined Talllit bag.  36 squares ranging from white to black and covering a complete range of colour values in bright hues make a smart Tallit Bag.  
ABOVE:  Pillow created as a gift.  Picture your new tallit bag created from dupioni silk, embroidered with beading, and with beautiful lace adding to the timeless beauty of the bag.  Interested in a tallit bag designed in this traditional style?  CLICK HERE
RIGHT:  Tallit bag of denim with fine cotton batik decoration giving a watercolour effect.  Created with a Tallit, Kippah, and Challah Cover for a Bat Mitzvah in Atlanta.  Spring, 2004
RIGHT:  a cotton tallit bag created to coordinate with the Kabbalah Talli tfor an Atlanta resident.  Notice that the Pomegranate has approximately 613 seeds representing the daily commandments required of adult Jews.  The cottons are hand-dyed cotton.  This tallit bag with coordinating tallit were created as a custom order for a person in Atlanta Georgia.  The coordinating tallit features watercolour quilting and many coloured symbols of Kabbalah
To view the magnificent KABBALAH tallit click here
RIGHT:  Crazyquilt tallit bag in different plaids of burgundy, maroon and hunter green.  This bag features the hidden rear zipper and decorative zipper pull to ease removing and returning your tallit to its delightful bag.  Rear of bag shown below.  Detail of zipper pull shown BELOW LEFT
LEFT:  Tallit Bag embroidered with Silk Ribbon Embroidery, embellished with beading and cotton embroidery.  The zipper opening is hidden in the rear with Marilyn's unique zipper pull for easy access to the lined Tallit Bag.
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LEFT:  Tallit Bag to coordinate with a special Dupioni Silk Tallit created especially for a Bar Mitzvah Boy in Penn Valley, Pennsylvania. 
View the coordinating kippah by clicking HERE.   Note the hidden zipper with Marilyn's special zipper pull to keep your Hand made tallit secure.  Coordinating Tallit can be seen by clicking HERE

RIGHT:  Tallit Bag of dupioni silk designed to coordinate with tallit/kippah set (5765/2005).  Please click here to see coordinating tallit.  This tallit bag has the hidden zipper and Marilyn's special zipper pull.  It is fully lined.  
RIGHT:  Tefillin bag (approx 8" x 9") of hand-dyed cotton.  2007.  Jerusalem scene is embroidered on the front, with the owner's Hebrew name embroidered in gold.  The inside of the tefillin bag has another Jerusalem scene embroidered on the lining, visible when the tefillin bag is opened to remove and return the tefillin.   The background that appears, in the photo to be blue, is actually various shades of purple.
RIGHT:   Summer, 2007/5767:  Tallit bag created from the dress the Bat Mitzvah's Bobbye wore to her mother's wedding including sequined flower and bias sash.   Click here to view the MATCHING tallit
LEFT:  Lined FAUX MOLA Tallit bag created for a man whose Hebrew name includes JONAH.  We call this JONAH AND THE BIG FISH TALLIT BAG. The Fabric is cotton with rayon and metallic embroidery.  
LEFT:  Embroidered daisies on irridescent organza over crepe back satin coordinated with organza tallit and kippah.  Available in many assorted colours and floral or Judaic embroidery designs.

LEFT:  Tallit Bag for a young man from Salt Lake City who loves swimming and watersports.  Created of dupioni silk in a variety of teal greens, there is also a coordinating kippah.  See the matching Tallit by clicking here
RIGHT:  Another swimmer, (from Ann Arbor Michigan) chose a plaid fabric for water.  He chose his name in a "wave" and a symbolic wave winding across the Tallit Bag.  
Marilyn Levy, a custom textile artist from Hamilton, Ontario Canada, is known as the TALLITmaaven.  She creates hand made Tallitot/ Tallis/ Talis/ Talesim/ talis katan and talit gadol.  She creates coordinating Tallit bags, Tefillin bags, shofar bags and kippot/ kipas/ keepahs/ yarmulkes to complete the TALLIT/ talis set..  
The TALLITmaaven's challah covers are treasured by their recipients for their personalization (matching decor, fine china, user's personalities, matching theme for weddings or B'nai mitzvot.).  The TALLITmaaven prides herself in creating beautiful items that will be cherished for generations to come.

LEFT:  Tallit and Tefillin Bags to coordinate with a British Rabbi's tallit and kippah.   Click here to see coordinating Tallit and Kippah.  
RIGHT:  Plaid tallit bag and kippah to coordinate with a TALLIT.  Created from teal green and maroon taffeta with gold accents, the tallit bag is embroidered with gold magen davids and the word, "TALLIT" in Hebrew.  This tallit set is being worn by a Southern Ontario Doctor.  Do you have a fine piece of fabric that you would love to wrap around yourself as your new Tallit?  Contact Marilyn 
LEFT:  Matching His and Her Tallit Bags created especially for a very special Bride and Groom in Edmonton Alberta Canada.  TALLITmaaven embroidered the peacock with "Mazel Tov"  to accompany  this very special and personal gift.  
LEFT:  Tallit bag to coordinate with a Tallit Set  for a young lady in London, Ontario Canada.
LEFT:  Tallit and Tefillin bags for a young man from suburban Chicago who loves the Caribbean sea.  
RIGHT:  a French Lace trim for a tallit for a Toronto area 
Bat Mitzvah.  Her tallit is finished with MATCHING lace.
RIGHT:  Tallit bag coordinating with a blue and white Tree of Life tallit and kippah.
LEFT:  Tallit bag with name embroidered onto hand-dye batik fabric in maroon and green colourway.